IDA Ireland
IDA Ireland is the State Agency responsible for winning Foreign Direct Investment (‘FDI’) for Ireland. Essential to the success of our client companies is the ability to attract and retain highly skilled employees. These individuals are highly mobile in terms of their ability to gain employment internationally. As a result, their decisions on where to locate are heavily influenced by the attractiveness and quality of life on offer in a given location. Galway city provides a strong value proposition for mobile FDI as it is an attractive location for employees to live, work and learn and has an excellent quality of life enriched by a vibrant cultural sector, recognised by Galway being named European Capital of Culture in 2020. The vision for the redevelopment of Galway Harbour presents a unique opportunity to elevate Galway’s capacity to win mobile investment with opportunities for projects of scale in a waterfront location, adjacent to the vibrant city centre. The multi-use plans for the site will increase Galway’s attractiveness with an ability to live and work in close proximity utilising sustainable transport modes of cycling and walking. IDA Ireland firmly believes that placemaking and the creation of attractive locations that offer a high quality of life are central to ensuring Ireland remains competitive for talent and, by extension, FDI.